5 Ways You Can Make A Difference Using Your Online Skills

December 15, 2014

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1. Facebook : You are probably already on FB, Instagram all day. Instead of posting selfies, help manage the social media accounts of non-profit organisations.

2. Influence : Having a tonne of followers on your social media accounts or blog is a good opportunityfor you to help spread the word of positive messages and charitable campaigns.

3. Teach : Online classes are now as common as dirt. Pick something you're good at, be it FROG VLE or playing the guitar, and spread the knowledge.

4. Translate : If you are blessed with a gift of language, NGOs often need help with translating their materials into different languages.

5. Write : Contribute articles, manage a blog, write a report - there is always a need for good writes [For us blogger ! ]

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  1. as salam. setakat ni cuma blogr.my yg ada tawarkan abe kie jd penulis jemputan mrka... tp abe kie x sanggup terima sbb rasa belum bekelayakan...huhuhuhu


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